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Primizie is the Bay area’s fine food distributor for appetizers for hotels, restaurants and catering.  For the best selection of delicious appetizers including Beef Wellington, Empanadas, Quiche to everyone’s favorite, “Pigs In A Blanket” Primizie is your Bay area choice for all your catering and special events.

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Additional List Of Appetizers

  • Assorted Quiche 200
  • Beef Empanadas 200
  • Beef Wellington 200
  • Brie & Pear Fillo Rolls 144
  • Chicken Quesadilla Cone 200
  • Chicken Skewer 200
  • Coconut Shrimp 200
  • Crab Cakes 120
  • Frank 'n' Blanket 200
  • Korean Steak Taco 200
  • Mini Cocktail Pizza Crust 2" (Plain) 480
  • Mini Muffin 3 Cheeses & Chives 42
  • Mini Muffin Feta Spinach Pepper 42
  • Mini Muffin Mushrooms Garlic & Parmesan 42
  • Mini Muffin Zucchini Dry Tomatoes Feta 42
  • Mushroom Risotto Triangles 144
  • Small Arancini Tomato & Mozzarella 200
  • Spanakopita 200
  • Tapas Skewer 200
  • Vegetable Spring Roll 200


PLEASE NOTE that we have far more delicious products and delectable ingredients available than we can show here. Please contact us for assistance. We are eager to provide complete product lists in our various lines of gourmet, high-quality merchandise.