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Primizie is the Bay area’s leader when it comes to fine food distribution for catering, hotels and restaurants.  Customers love our selection of hearty breads and tasty pastries, ideal for catered events. Bread comes pre-sliced or in rolls. For pastries, our variety of croissants stands out with many filling options. We also stock terrific crepes, flavored pound cakes and traditional Italian pastries.  Check out our amazing selections and CONTACT US TODAY to learn more about our pricing and services.



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Additional List Of Pastries

  • CROISSANTS (pre-proofed)
  • Mini Assorted Baskets 80
  • Mini Butter Croissant 200
  • Mini Croissant with
  • Custard Cream 200
  • Mini Pain Au Chocolate 180
  • Almondine Butter Croissant 60
  • Apple Croissant 60
  • Blueberry and Cream Cheese Croissant 60
  • Butter Croissant Heritage 60
  • Butter Croissant (Italian) 80
  • Large Apple Turnover 48
  • Large Chocolate Twist 60
  • Large Palmier 80
  • Leek and Parmesan Croissant 36
  • Pain Au Chocolate (Italian) 60
  • Pumpkin Danish 60
  • Raisin Roll Heritage 40
  • Spinach and Feta Croissant 36
  • Strawberry and Cream Cheese Croissant 60
  • Tomato and Olive Croissant 36


  • Sfogliatelle Large (6 oz) 100
  • Sfogliatelle Mini (3 oz) 100


  • Lobster Tails Large 100
  • Lobster Tails Small 100
  • Banana Chocolate 38
  • Carrot, Pineapple & Walnut 38
  • Lemon & Poppy Seed 38
  • Plain Swirl Brioche 45
  • Zucchini & Walnut 38


  • Mini Muffins Filled with Apple Cinnamon 42
  • Mini Muffins Filled with Hazelnut Chocolate 42
  • Mini Muffins Filled with Red Fruit 42
  • Mini Muffins Filled with Salted Caramel 42
  • Large Muffins Filled with Apple Cinnamon 28
  • Large Whole Blueberry 28
  • Large Muffins Filled with Hazelnut Chocolate 28
  • Large Muffins Filled with Caramel 28
  • Large Muffins Filled with Lemon 28


  • Chocolate Trio 48 Trios
  • Mini Chocolate Hazelnut (21 g) 175
  • Red Fruit Filled 175
  • Mini Plain (16 g) 175
  • Mini Tropezienne (33 g) 24


  • Belgian Blueberry Crepe 30
  • Belgian Raspberry Crepe 30
  • Belgian Waffle 40
  • Bombolini with Cream 24
  • Mini Bombolini with Cream (24g) 104
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Additional List Of Bread



  • Ciabatta Pre-Sliced (3.53 oz) 36
  • Baguette, French (12.5 oz) 24
  • Baguette, French Half (4.95 oz) 50
  • Mini Brioche Roll Sesame Seed 200
  • Ciabatta with Olive Oil (4.9 oz) 60


PLEASE NOTE that we have far more delicious products and delectable ingredients available than we can show here. Please contact us for assistance. We are eager to provide complete product lists in our various lines of gourmet, high-quality merchandise.